Nikki Haley: Dragon Slayer

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The Bill That Big Tech Hates

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Politics is more polarized than ever, but on the rarest of occasions, we can still set our differences aside and[more]

FBI Whistleblower, Huckster, Or Opportunist?

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Have you ever worked with an individual who is always part of the problem, but never part of the solution?[more]

The Authentic Leadership of a Queen

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Roedd lle arbenig i Gymru yn ei chalon.[more]

Parental Authority Is the Basis of Civilization

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Bolsonomics: The Silent Brazilian Revolution

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Bolsonaro Is The Future.[more]

In September 2021, Ipsos MORI conducted a representative survey of the population of Vietnam aged 18 and over.[more]

Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy may well be the nicest man on the face of the Earth, but hes a[more]

Senator Kyrsten Sinema Bravest Democrat in the DC Swamp

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I know I am doing Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) no favors by praising her in a conservative platform, yet it[more]

Tyranny is a term recently heard quite a bit in the public square and for good reason.[more]

Biden's Bumbling and Stumbling Could Start WWIII

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Conservative political pundits love to air videos of Old Joe’s erratic, often unintelligible remarks.[more]

Not a Joke: Email Company Cancels the Babylon Bee

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Anti-gun groups target WI, CO Senate races

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Doocy Nails the WH to the Wall With Jen Psaki's Own Words

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Portland to hold "bullet free weekend"

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