Defensive gun use underscores our crisis in mental health

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Sometimes, guns are the answer

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Disney has dug itself a woke grave that they will never be able to climb out of.[more]

Recuse Yourself, Joe Biden

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On the precipice of the regime-defining 2020 presidential election, Facebook and Twitter committed their “Pearl Harbor attack” against the incumbent[more]

Will the Real Good Teachers Please Stand Up?

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The War in Ukraine is a Slap in the Face of the Green Agenda

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Turning a Corner, Away from Excessive Risk Aversion

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The Biden Recession Is Coming

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Larry Summers served as secretary of the Treasury, director of the National Economic Council, and president of Harvard University.[more]

The Sudden Biden Epiphany at the Washington Post

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Just when you thought the Hunter Biden scandals had died in darkness, The Washington Post published more than 6,300 words[more]

Insult Diplomacy: Does Biden's Vilification of Putin Help?

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According to Pew, the so-called progressive left makes up only 6% of the American population and 12% of the Democratic[more]

Moore to the Point: Disney Has Lost Its Way

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CA touts gun seizures from a fraction of prohibited persons

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Shocking Turn of Events in New York Redistricting Lawsuit

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Survey: Americans trust GOP on gun policy, not Dems

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