Good Riddance, 2021

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New York Mandates Blatant Racism in Treating COVID-19

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Denver shooting suspect's fiction foreshadowed deadly attack

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Biden's Staring into the Abyss – and So Are We

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2021: The Year of Mistrust and Suspicion

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Although there are many things that characterize the year 2021, perhaps nothing is more conspicuous than the deep lack of[more]

Channeling Dan and Jane

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Biden's Staring into the Abyss — and So Are We

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Iran: All Options on the Table

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A Challenge for the New Year

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“Be my Mommy!” the banner in the CVS window read, part of a display of surplus Baby Emma dolls.[more]

Plague-Year Immigrants Headed to Trump Country

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I want to add a few notes to my Christmas weekend column on the Census Bureau’s July 2021 state population[more]

Our nations capital, Washington, D.C., is joining fellow cities NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Boston in mandating vaccine requirements for[more]

Lawyers for Amy and Kylie Jane Kremer sent a strong letter to[more]

Stuff Elitists Say: The 5 Most Outrageous Comments of 2021

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Prince Andrew’s lawyers were reportedly in emergency talks overnight following Ghislaine Maxwell’s[more]

Shutting down 'ghost gun' bans good for the Second Amendment

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