Aurora, CO Police Chief Addresses Violence Among Young People

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Rittenhouse Verdict Leads To Call To Repeal Second Amendment

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Leftist Think Tank Makes Insane Link With Stolen Guns

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The Biden Administration is delaying enforcement of its deadline requiring government employees[more]

Missouri-based U.S. District Judge Matthew Schelp granted an injunction to halt Biden’s[more]

Eric Swalwell Simply Can't Resist Screaming Into The Wind

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On this week’s episode of Human’s Making News: The Dissident’s Desk, Brent[more]

Ninth Circuit Upholds California Magazine Ban

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Thousands of pages of evidence released Monday show the extent of Chris[more]

Armed Citizen Stops Would-Be Armed Carjacker

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Preliminary testing indicates that the COVID-19 antibody drug cocktail from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals[more]

“Revolution” Threatened if Roe vs Wade Is Overturned

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