Trick or Trick

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An Un-American Impeachment

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We are now knee-deep in the throes of the constitutionally directed authority of the U.S. House of Representatives, the people’s[more]

SNL Punts on Trump, Attacks His Voters Instead

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It was the evening of September 9th, 2016.[more]

The Start of the Argument

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While many in our country are following the daily national soap opera of Washington Democrats attempting to throw President Donald[more]

Is California Becoming Premodern?

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Democratic Mayors and the Gift of Donald Trump

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End the Failed Renewable Fuel Standard Experiment

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There is no reason for a trade organization to have a special place in evaluating judicial candidates

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Breaking: Ethics Complaint Filed Against Adam Schiff

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Yes, please!

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Retired Cop Says Atatiana Jefferson Was Right To Be Armed

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Facebook The case of Atatiana Jefferson, the Fort Worth, Texas woman shot and killed by police in her own home a few[more]

Never change, Acosta. Never change.

The post Never Fear, Jim Acosta Is Here, and He’s Going to Make[more]

Every journalist knows who the whistleblower is.

The post Rush Limbaugh: Everyone in Washington Knows the Whistleblower’s Name appeared[more]

An Oklahoma County judge on Wednesday afternoon denied an attempt by opponents of Oklahoma’s new permitless carry law to stop[more]

Do that just mean we’re sophisticated?

The post Open Borders? A New Report Shows Almost 70 Million U.S. Residents[more]

If you ask someone to point to a successful model of gun control, anti-gunners will typically look to Australia. They’ll[more]

Democrats are Afraid of Tulsi Gabbard’s Shadow

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The Democrats are now echoing Clinton’s conspiracy theories.

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Presidential hopeful Cory Booker stopped by The View on Wednesday, and the conversation quickly turned to gun control; specifically the gun[more]

CEO Jack Dorsey explains the new move and when it will kick in

The post Breaking: Twitter to End[more]

Please Mr. Durham, just give us one little indictment.

The post Appeals Court Emergency Stay Blocking Order to Turn[more]