Today is National Meteor Day. Given the events of this day 111 years ago, the date selected is no accident.[more]

Progressives Are Leading America To Her Demise

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AOC, Will You Please Think Of The Children?

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The Absurdity And Futility Of ‘Distracted Driving’ Laws

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Free Everything

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Parents, Your Children Are Your Most Important Job

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Well, Trump Just Won in 2020

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They bring the images, I bring the numbers!

The post The RedState Box Office Report — Nobody is Playing[more]

AntiFa, Terror Faction.

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AntiFa has been lionized by politicians, the media, and celebrities. But the latest violence in Portland proves law enforcement officials[more]

Take That Dennis Rodman, Trump Meets Kim In The DMZ

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In just a blink of an eye, the 45th President of the United States became the most famous American to[more]

The Myth of the Liberal, Secular Muslim

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They are the flip sides of the same coin and neither side is a winner for America.

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Democrats New Strategy: Campaign For Non-America!

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Democrats are siding with non-America.[more]