Foo Fighters: A Great Band That’s Great At Trolling

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If you know anything about the band Dave Grohl formed out of the ashes of Nirvana following Kurt Cobain’s suicide, you[more]

David Hogg thinks he can threaten Smith & Wesson, and he’s convinced he can extort money out of them for[more]

As the media continues to salivate over Ted Cruz’s Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke, who has recently closed the gap between[more]

Trump Administration Guts Funding For UN Palestinian Agency

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According to numerous reports, the Trump administration has decided to withdraw all funding from the controversial UN Relief Works Agency,[more]

The education secretary cannot be blamed for providing clarity on a program she neither came up with nor wanted to[more]

Tennessee-Based Holston Army Ammunition Plant Looking To Expand

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As a nation, we find ourselves in somewhat relative peace. Yes, we’re still losing men in the Middle East, but[more]

Sen. John McCain’s casket was carried through the rain and into the rotunda of the U.S. Capitol building where he[more]

Democrat Congressman Warns of Coming Nuremberg Trials

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They are serious. They will put you in prison.

The post Democrat Congressman Warns of Coming Nuremberg Trials appeared[more]

BREAKING. Manafort Associate Indicted for Lobbying Violation

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Another nothingburger calculated to increase his scalp count

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Dick’s Discovers That Being A Dick Can Be Costly

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Sometimes stupidity can be painful

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Gun Range Fights Back After Town Zones Them Out Of Business

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Some towns don’t like gun ranges. It’s funny to me, though, because anti-gunners often complain about the lack of training[more]

BUM FIGHT! CNN Slams NBC On “Journalistic Integrity”

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You try to avert your eyes but you just have to look

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Anti-gun activists love to claim that the United States leads the world in mass shootings. For most Americans, a single[more]

Imagine that a 40-year-old agrees to a colonoscopy. His doctor detects no evidence of disease, and its a decade early[more]

Minnesota Political Candidate Uses N-Word in Campaign Ad

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    Well, then. Earlier this year, I saw a political video of an official shooting President Trump the bird.[more]

In the fight against racism, Dinklage is called ‘Yellowface.’

The post The Plain! The Plain! Peter Dinklage Deemed Too[more]

    Symone Sanders isn’t known for her astute observations; just recently, she claimed the Trump administration is pooping on[more]

A company mired in scandal, it’s not a surprising revelation. It’s a still tragic one, though.

The post Former[more]

    Glenn Greenwald seems to be a bit of a maverick. A New Yorker piece chronicles the “leftist journalist’s[more]

Earlier today, lay Catholic women published an open letter to Pope Francis, in which they urged him to provide clarity[more]

    Ahhh, stories about billboards. Love those (like this one). And tales of black women and left-wing progress (such[more]

Fordhams credibility on the Common Core issue is shot. No amount of Gates money can fix that problem.[more]

So the warm remembrances of John McCain owe something to the appreciation that many things he fought for were examples[more]