You know when I start to feel old? When I find myself complaining about the upcoming generation. One of the[more]

Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander

The post John Kelly Calls For a Special Counsel to Investigate[more]

Trump is tweeting his innocence.

The post Trump Denies Collusion with Former Campaign Aide George Papadopoulos appeared first[more]

The Barack Obama Administration was seriously anti-American. I do not say this lightly. Evidence is coming to light all over[more]

Let’s Talk About Reformation Day

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Today marks 500 years ago that the Reformation was kicked off.

The post Let’s Talk About Reformation Day[more]

Universal background checks are absolutely pointless. Criminals looking to bypass the system will either buy black market firearms or use[more]

For years, both Republicans and Democrats alike have played “day of reckoning” politics with America’s fiscal and monetary policy.[more]

Frankenstein Goes To Washington…

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We often pick Halloween costumes to say something true about ourselvesour personality, desires, and interests. If we were to give[more]

The hits just keep on coming. Plenty of people are coming forward and telling their stories about having been sexually[more]

Not a Trump fan but not joining #TheResistence either.

The post Actor Bryan Cranston Has A Few Choice Words[more]

The DNC is hiring, but not if you’re white, male, identify as male, or are straight.

The post DNC[more]

What Martin Luther and Donald Trump Have in Common

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The differences between Martin Luther, the 16th-century reformer, and Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, are countless.[more]

Watch Your Language

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It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood when the sukkah mobile drove up.[more]

And, So it Begins

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Once again, I was wrong.[more]

Letter to an Aging Communist

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Dear Gary: It was a pleasure to read your recent “Letter to the Editor” in our local newspaper.[more]


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As a Wikipedia editor, Ive made many edits and updates over the years to the American Civil Rights Unions Wikipedia[more]

Who Wins in the Fake News War? Not You!

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Here’s a statistic from a Politico poll that will warm the hearts of many Donald Trump supporters — and trouble[more]

When he first came to this city 14 years ago from his home, located 20 miles outside of Sofia, Bulgaria,[more]

That Other Plot — to Bring Down Trump

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Well over a year after the FBI began investigating “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Vladimir Putin, Special Counsel Robert[more]

Shocking But Not Surprising

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It should surprise no one that when it comes to sexual harassment, members of Congress and their staffs are treated[more]

El Degüello

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On the morning of March 6, 1836 as his troops prepared for an early morning assault against the fortifications defended[more]