There is No Smug Liberal Problem, Says Bee

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Her statement comes the morning after #NerdProm, liberal media’s annual stroke-fest

The post There is No Smug Liberal[more]

Yesterday, I watched Donald Trump’s 100-day rally. I didn’t bother watching the White House Correspondents Dinner. Two nauseating events would[more]

Liberty is not a magic word to justify invidious discrimination, but a state of being absent the opposing confines of[more]

President Trump took a lot of heat for using the word carnage in his inauguration speech.[more]

100 Days of #TheResistance’s Humiliating Failure

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As Yoda might have said, Pathetic you are, for win you do not, despite your media friends and your sex[more]

Trump’s Ex-Im Picks Signal Reform

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During his campaign, President Trump characterized the Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) as unnecessary and likened it to featherbedding for politicians.[more]

Trump Tax Reform: Good, Bad, and Unknown

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Tax reform always has winners and losers.[more]

Ronald Reagan was right to say that the most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government,[more]

Victims of Communism/Socialism Day

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If these girls lived in a free society, they could be teachers, doctors, dancers, or any professionals they wanted to[more]

Do Women Wearing Bikinis Deserve to Be Sexually Assaulted?

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This is being open-minded to the point of utter foolishness. It sets a very dangerous precedent too.[more]

Pro-Choice: Tunnel Vision

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Young women struggle, ideologically, to resonate with the Democrats because of hardline stances like Perezsand this represents an opportunity for[more]

Rachel Maddow’s Yuge Scoop on Karen Handel

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This is what real journalism looks like, folks

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Her statement comes the morning after #NerdProm, liberal media’s annual stroke-fest

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Land costs being what they are today, how would you feel about doubling the size of your property for three[more]

#FakeNews And the White Power Hand Sign That Didn’t Happen

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Most of the time, a cigar is really just a cigar

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One has to wonder how many time James Mattis, H.R. Macmaster, and John Kelly hear President Trump say something, quietly[more]

A Third Air Line Joins Air Line Fight Club

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Fly the not-so-friendly skies.

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Watching President Trump’s 100-day rally was like stepping into a time machine and going back to Trump’s general election campaign.[more]

Hail! Hail! Chuck Berry

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The man who was as essential as Elvis Presley to making a music form (Rock n Roll) a central part[more]

Left Wing New Orleans Mayor Declares War on History

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Nothing good happens after midnight. Certainly, this is true today in New Orleans under the leadership of egomaniacal Mayor Mitch[more]

Public Toilets and Private Burdens

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If there is anything more rewarding than making a personal sacrifice for a good cause, it’s getting other people to[more]

This Is War

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History has shown a small group of people, especially when theyre willing to oppress others and commit violence against their[more]

Will the UN Permit Obamacare's Repeal?

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It turns out that the notion that health care is a right is more than just a Democratic talking point.[more]