5 Reasons It’s Dumb To Panic Over Global Warming

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Settle down, snowflake! Theres no reason to panic over global warming.[more]

Let’s end the war on business. Let’s reward success, rather than punish it.[more]

To understand what Blaine Amendment is and its’ impact on school choice, we first need to turn back the time.[more]

Pretend Conservatives for Fake Clean Energy

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More and more conservatives are proclaiming the virtues of clean energy. At least thats what some groups want you to[more]

In a recent interview CBS Ted Koppel denounced Sean Hannity as bad for America because, You have attracted people who[more]

Just unauthorized surveillance of people with no intelligence connection, perfectly proper behavior if it hurts Trump

The post Fox[more]

that’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works.

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Senate Intel Panel To Michael Flynn: No, Thanks

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Flynn is prepared to give testimony in the probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

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Nikki Haley and James Mattis Take Aim At North Korea

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It is becoming obvious that the first major foreign policy challenge facing the Trump administration is going to be North[more]

But if we tell you that, we’ll have to kill you

The post House Votes To Prevent EPA From[more]

Watercooler 3/31/2017 Open Thread: April Fools!

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Please, feel free to interpret the title of today’s Watercooler as you see fit. Math class gets technical In 2015,[more]

The House Freedom Caucus Won’t Be Bullied

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Good for them.

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Jumped? Or pushed? It is a puzzle as old as Washington itself.

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The House Freedom Caucus has remained dedicated and principled when it comes to passing legislation that is truly Conservative. President[more]

Democrats Will Vote to Confirm Gorsuch

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McConnell predicts Gorsuch will get a full Senate vote on April 7.

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The Senate Intelligence Committee held their first hearing yesterday on Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election. Former FBI agent[more]

The Trumpkins got duped. It’s easy to rattle off a list of conservatives such as those here at RedState and[more]

FLASHBACK: What Does Immunity Mean To Michael Flynn?

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Life comes at you fast.

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This week, President Trump has declared war on the people and groups that propelled him in the 2016 presidential election[more]

This week, President Trump has declared war on the very people and groups that propelled him in the 2016 presidential[more]

Members of the House Freedom Caucus sat down for an interview with the Washington Examiner on Thursday following President Trump[more]