Bernie Sanders Holdouts No-Show Hillary

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Clinton, campaigning at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, New Hampshire, hoped Bernie Sanders would help deliver those elusive[more]

The Justice Department is probably investigating Virginia depriving the dead of the right to vote

The post SURPRISE. Democrats[more]

So the Aleppo gaffe, the inability to name a world leader that he admires… none of this matches up to[more]

In the famous Omaha Beach landing scene from Saving Private Ryan, there is a moment where Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) crawls[more]

Real-life D.C. ‘fixer’ and Scandal inspiration Judy Smith takes on Jolie’s case as politics and culture collide once again

The post[more]

Sometimes politically incorrect is racist and anti-Semitic, too

The post A Breitbart Writer Use ‘Political Correctness’ To Defend Anti-Semitism[more]

Back in the day, one of my favorite political sites apart from RedState was the Ace of Spades HQ. The[more]

The events surrounding the death of Alfred Olango at the hands of El Cajon (CA) Police may be one of[more]

It might be hard to believe, but not every black person who is being pulled over by white law enforcement[more]

This is the most disgusting, enraging, and depressing bit of news I’ve read all week, and it should be enough[more]

Team USA Takes to Twitter to #StopGunViolence

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The U.S. Olympic Team decided to partner with President Obama’s Senior Advisor Valerie Jarret decided to partner with  to hold[more]

I just have this mental image of Trump with his fingers in his ears while some C4 goes off, opening[more]

Hillary’s too cute “Woo and Shimmy” response to The Donald’s attack allowed Hillary’s deranged-sounding union rant to be laughed[more]

Emerging Market Fund Offers Reduced Risk

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ETF expert Doug Fabian examines an emerging market fund that declines less than the markets during bearish seasons, thanks to[more]

The Senate

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One of the benefits of having Donald Trump not being crushed by Hillary Clinton is the effect on what are[more]

Following his failure to clear the lowest bar in presidential debate history—a fact now supported by the polls—Donald Trump spent[more]

Resistance is Not Futile

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The Borg are the best villain to come out of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Even people that did not[more]

Law and Order: Good Issue, Bad Messengers

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The Case Against Oscar Lopez Rivera

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U.S. Representative Luis Gutierrez, from Illinois, took to the House floor last week not to condemn the violence that rocks[more]

Trump Ignores ‘Buddy’ Putin’s Atrocities

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What the Debate Tells About How Candidates Would Govern

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You’ve heard and read by now lots of spin and speculation about who won and where the polls are going[more]

Stop and Frisk: The Inner City’s Best Friend

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As a famous caterer once reminded me, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. It does[more]

CBS Friday night staple Hawaii Five-0 is currently in its seventh season and is still delivering strong ratings for the[more]

ABC Keeps ‘Modernizing’ the Family Leftward

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ABC debuted the sitcom “Modern Family” in 2009 in part to push a broader acceptance of same-sex couples.[more]