Is Voting for Donald Trump a Morally Good Choice?

By @ 2016-07-31 23:01:00

Dr. Wayne Grudem just published a thoughtful essay entitled Why Voting for Donald Trump Is a Morally Good Choice.[more]

The Hillary Clinton Recession

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This economy may be perilously close to recession. That was the message of the second-quarter real GDP report and its[more]

Give Peace a Chance

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Yesterday, I received a letter from a reader urging me to show more grace and compassion towards Black Lives Matter[more]

Bill Clinton: Stuck 2,000 Years in the Past on Coal

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Bill Clinton keeps telling coal workers to move on from the life you had 50 years agowhile his wife Hillary[more]

The primaries are over and Trump is the nominee, and instead of whining about it like a Millennial faced with[more]

For Donald Trump, Victims’ Lives Matter

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For the past year, I wanted anyone but Trump. After Indiana, I submitted. Cruz was just not appealing enough. Trump[more]

De Pasquale’s Dozen with TV Host Mike Rowe

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In the 25 years or so since I became a published writer (yes, I started almost as young as Ben[more]

I’m under the belief that to join the Trump train, it is a requirement to be lobotomized as part of[more]

Jeff Sessions Says We Should Be Nicer to Who?!

By @ 2016-07-31 13:30:41

Jeff Sessions has been on board the Trump Train for a good long while now, and he is of course[more]

Social justice warriors at their most heinous and corrupt. That’s one way to describe Baltimore, Maryland’s State Attorney Marilyn Mosby[more]

Trump Says Putin Is Not Going Into Ukraine

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This shows once again that Trump is not steeped in foreign policy. Saying Putin is sort of in Ukraine is[more]

Shooting the Magnum That Never Took Off

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The .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum are legendary, but their “middle brother” has languished in obscurity.

The post Shooting[more]

Water Cooler 7/31/2016 – OPEN THREAD – Crazy News

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Flaming Horse Poop Hot dry conditions caused a large pile of horse manure to spontaneously combust in New York. “The[more]

Donald Trump is such a thin-skinned narcissist, that even the slightest criticism causes him to lash out at people. In[more]

Is the Russian Government Cyber Attack US Retaliation?

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The cyber attack on Russia comes the computer networks of both the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign[more]

Last Call for Frederick Weller

By @ 2016-07-31 09:15:00

For more than six decades, Frederick Weller belonged to the Plessis Volunteer Fire Department in northern New York State.[more]

Better Ways to Make History

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We could see the look in the faces of many at the festival of delusion in Philadelphia. It was utter[more]

So Friday in Colorado Springs, Trump and his campaign staff were trapped in an elevator for about 30 minutes. Here is[more]

Donald Trump keeps saying that he’s capable of being the classiest, most Presidential person who’s ever run for President. I[more]

It’s July 31, and this is your Sunday morning weekly poll round-up and Mayan prophecy fulfillment summary. We have Trump’s[more]

Four Days in Hell

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It was not pleasant in Philadelphia.[more]

Have You Read the Constitution?

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Last weeks Man of the Week? No brainer: Khizr Khan, a Muslim and Pakistani immigrant.[more]

Clinton Economic Plan – Part 1

By @ 2016-07-30 23:01:00

Prior to Ms. Clinton taking the stage to tell us what her economic plan will be if she becomes president,[more]

Why A Murderer Says, ‘I’m With HER!’

By @ 2016-07-30 23:01:00

One of the real scumbags on America’s death row is pulling for Hillary Clinton.[more]

How Race Relations Got Worse

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The election of Barack Obama was a unique moment in the long and complicated history of race relations in America.[more]