Timid GOP Postal Reforms

By townhall.com @ 2016-06-30 23:01:00

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has lost more than $50 billion since 2007, even though it enjoys legal monopolies over[more]

Requiem for Ali

By townhall.com @ 2016-06-30 23:01:00

Let us utter a quiet prayer of thanks for the private graveside service for friends and family. It was the[more]

When Actors Hate Racist America

By townhall.com @ 2016-06-30 23:01:00

There are those boorish moments when a celebrity takes to the stage at an awards show to deliver leftist political[more]

Celebrating America on July Fourth

By townhall.com @ 2016-06-30 23:01:00

July Fourth is traditionally a day to celebrate not only America’s founding but also the exceptional nature of our great[more]

Maybe its the robes that give five people the misimpression that theyre magicians. Who needs the Constitution when a handful[more]

Why Do They Hate Hillary Clinton?

By townhall.com @ 2016-06-30 23:01:00

“Why do people hate Hillary Clinton so much?” a reporter from the Canadian Broadcasting Company asked me this week.[more]

Brexit Shows Us The Future — And It’s Great

By townhall.com @ 2016-06-30 23:01:00

Journalists and historians tend to overestimate the impact of political events while underestimating the power of cultural trends.[more]

Trump Ignites White Working-Class Revolution

By townhall.com @ 2016-06-30 23:01:00

Everyone’s looking for what Winston Churchill called a pudding with a theme. How did the likes of Donald Trump make[more]

And Where To Tomorrow Mr. Trump?

By townhall.com @ 2016-06-30 23:01:00

Should Mr. Trump be elected to be the President of the United States, he will face a Congress without a[more]

The Only Way to Stop Hillary Clinton

By townhall.com @ 2016-06-30 23:01:00

What is most probable in 2016 and more obvious each day is that with Donald Trump as the Republican nominee,[more]

Did Manmade Global Warming Cause Brexit?

By townhall.com @ 2016-06-30 23:01:00

Why did millions of British citizens vote to exit the European Union?[more]

Brexit Due to Failure of Elites, Not Bigotry of Masses

By townhall.com @ 2016-06-30 23:01:00

Bigotry! Nativism! Racism! That’s what elites in Britain, Europe and here have been howling, explanations for why 52 percent of[more]

No, Hillary, It Is Not Time to Move On

By townhall.com @ 2016-06-30 23:01:00

Am I fantasizing even to hope that Hillary Clinton will finally be held accountable for her lies and corruption —[more]

The Flim-Flam Man Who Tells Voters Do as I Say, Not as I Do

By townhall.com @ 2016-06-30 23:01:00

WASHINGTON – Donald Trump is peddling a long-held, left-wing, labor union trade policy that will hike consumer prices, kill jobs[more]

The Left’s Different Approach to Rights That It Opposes

By townhall.com @ 2016-06-30 23:00:00

I have an idea.

The federal government needs to compile a list of women who shouldn’t be allowed to get abortions.[more]

Hallel Yaffa Ariel was only 13 years old. A teenage Palestinian pile of crap sneaked into the house she lived,[more]

Radical Islamic Terrorists Targeting Gun-Free Malls

By bearingarms.com @ 2016-06-30 20:55:45

As we head into the Independence Day weekend, NRA News Commentator Dom Raso, Jr. urges Americans to remain vigilant in his[more]

New Poll Shows Just How Much The Black Voters Love Trump

By redstate.com @ 2016-06-30 20:11:40

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump has claimed that he is loved by “the blacks”. How accurate is his claim? Well,[more]

Is the Problem Really Guns, Or Is It Government?

By bearingarms.com @ 2016-06-30 17:42:59

Firearms instructor/history professor Reid Henrichs drops another knowledge bomb.

The post Is the Problem Really Guns, Or Is It[more]

When a Good Guy With a Gun Meets a Bad Guy With a Gun

By redstate.com @ 2016-06-30 17:30:23

Sometimes they shoot back.

The post When a Good Guy With a Gun Meets a Bad Guy With a[more]

A Texas attorney retained by the family of one of the 49 victims of the Islamic terrorist attack at Pulse[more]

Seattle Mayor Creates Gun Problem to Cure his Hoplophobia

By bearingarms.com @ 2016-06-30 17:02:08

When the City of Seattle announced plans to melt down officers’ old guns in the “fight against gun violence” for[more]

British Politician Compares Israel To What?!

By redstate.com @ 2016-06-30 17:00:08

While European hate for Israel is nothing new, British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn took it to an entirely new[more]

For all the flak that Millenials get in today’s society, they are surprising us in a way no one really[more]

Senator Cruz absolutely destroys Jeh Johnson’s ridiculous cover-up.

The post WATCH: Ted Cruz BLASTS Disdainful, Dismissive, Disinterested Jerk Jeh[more]