The Big Short(sighted), a New Movie by Congressman Lynch

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They often call Washington the Hollywood for ugly people, but that hasnt stopped Congress from bringing celebrities to Washington to[more]

How To Celebrate May Day

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Celebrate May Day by lighting a candle, commemorating the millions of casualties of Mao’s quest to establish a socialist paradise[more]

Will California Declare War On Baseball Next?

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Wayne was an American hero who loved his country and was not ashamed to express his patriotism.[more]

Crony Capitalism May Make Music Prohibitively Expensive

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Much ink has been spilled and many trillions of electrons expended explaining to us the role raw anger has played[more]

Climate and Environmental Propaganda

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InsideClimate News excels at propagating environmentalist and Obama thinking and policies[more]

The GOP Has Been Bad. But Not as Bad as You Think

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Republicans, I’m told, were elected to Congress by the people, and yet they’ve done absolutely nothing. This indictment has now[more]

To the plethora of mental illnesses in this mental illness-ridden age of ours, we can now add another.[more]

Liberals have already co-opted Hollywood and our education system; so its no secret that the deck is stacked against conservatives[more]

Senator Ted Cruz was asked by a reporter today for his opinion on the Donald Trump protests that took place[more]

Glenn Beck and his friends had some fun during Friday’s edition of “The Glenn Beck Program” radio show. Using[more]

Where We Should Draw The Line On Outlawing Trans Bathrooms

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It’s an odd sort of punishment to force someone to behave a certain way so you can give them more[more]

How can one manage to have a beer shortage in Venezuela? Oh, right, let Commies run things.

The post <a[more]

This new ad will be running this weekend in Indiana blasting Donald Trump. And this time, you’ll be petrified in[more]

In a belated attempt to raise the average IQ on Outnumbered to room temperature, Fox News has removed Andrea Tantaros[more]

Is the Media Inflating Trump’s Delegate Numbers?

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Not so fast…

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The California Republican Party convention is underway in Burlingame, and the first speaker of the day is Donald Trump. Protesters[more]

Lessons from a Prince

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ETF investment expert Doug Fabian discusses an important estate planning lesson to be learned from current events.[more]

Will Ferrell Nixes Plans for Reagan Comedy

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Decency prevails.

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Carly Fiorina – A Warrior’s Breast Cancer Survival Story I’m going to devote this Water Cooler today to one of[more]

This is hard to even comprehend. Earlier today, nearly bankrupt former boxer, convicted felon and sex offender, Mike Tyson endorsed[more]

A new poll is out today, and the results are great news for Ted Cruz and America in general, showing[more]

Florida Senate hopeful David Jolly is using a favorite media subject, political fundraising, to attack other Republicans and to make[more]

Must be a slow news day. Ted Cruz and John Kasich were accused of breaching an alliance that never existed.


Growth Anemia: Blame a Collapse in Business Investment

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When firms dont invest in job-creation and higher wages, everyone suffers.[more]

While much of our attention is on the presidential race, the looming battle over a Supreme Court nomination merits no[more]