It's Not a COVID Relief Bill. It's Christmas for Democrats.

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With the pandemic likely to recede, the best stimulus will be a return to normalcy, accompanied by a handful of[more]

CNN Should Shut up About 'Misinformation'

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The First Step in Fixing our Toxic Politics

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The true dividing line is between the corporatists in each party and the average Americans in each party — and[more]

Gov. Cuomo and the Science of Political Decay

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Progressive muscle now is about taking out Cuomo, which is critical to protect the ambitions of their real champion, Vice[more]

Trump — Once and Future King?

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What does history teach us about Republican presidents who, after losing the White House, come back to win it again?[more]

Pardon My Whiteness

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During a recent CNN Town Hall, President Joe Biden made a racist statement about the technical ability of minorities. The[more]

Voice of America officials quietly and swiftly rehired an executive this week who was recently put on administrative leave for[more]

In his latest effort to erase all things Donald Trump, Joe Biden lifted a Trump policy on Wednesday that halted[more]

According to a recent industry report, at least 13.9 million small businesses in the United States are at serious risk[more]

Florida Bill Would Eviscerate Concealed Carry Permit Process

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New Harvard Report Pushes For Gun Ban And More

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