Public health officials and the media are quick to blame Republicans for[more]

Thinkin’ About Lincoln

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The GOP Has to Get Smart, With or Without Trump

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Once the Senate returns from its latest recess, the worlds greatest deliberative body will take up a Resolution of Disapproval[more]

New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard is set to become the first transgender[more]

Why Windham’s losses should be understood as a gain for American patriots.


Joe Biden Voters Discover They Voted for Joe Biden

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To Tell the Truth is Human Events News’ press analysis series. These stories[more]

The American jobs industry slacked remarkably last month, contradicting expectations of economic[more]

Media Can't Stop Its Bad Reporting On Gun Sales Figures

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Arizona Republicans to Brush Off DOJ Audit Concerns

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Republicans in Arizona plan to tell the Department of Justice that they[more]

DOJ Unveils Proposed Rule Targeting "Ghost Guns" And More

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