Court slams CA COVID shutdown of gun stores

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Six GOP Governors Sound Off on Guns at SHOT Show Forum

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And the NFL Playoffs Roll On

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By the Numbers, a Failing President

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A day after the January 16th hostage-taking at the Colleyville Beth Israel synagogue in Texas, near Fort Worth, the media[more]

NPR's Fake News From the Supreme Court

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CNN anchor Brianna Keilar is hosting a temporary program pompously titled “Democracy In Peril.”[more]

In Abortion Controversy, Two Worldviews Collide

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Joe Biden Completes His Historic Failure

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Joe Biden campaigned as a moderate elder statesman who could help heal a divided country.[more]

The Time to Overturn Roe v. Wade Is Now

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The American Press Corps Helped Kill Democracy

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The American press corps has been on a tear over the past year about the death of democracy.[more]

Abolish Parenthood? No, Family Trumps 'Equity'

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A group of more than 24 House Republicans sent a letter Thursday[more]

The maker of the mega-famous M&M’s candy announced that they will soon[more]

Teens leaving funeral arrested for full-auto guns

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